Ipad Sketch

Did a study from the street behind our house after the first snow of the year. Loving ArtStudio!


Desert Rally

Another lunchtime sketch.


Capn Action

City Studies

Did a few NYC lighting studies to better grasp color/atmosphere and light pollution.


Quick-Sketch 01

Did this quickie over lunch


Some More DOW2 preproduction work

Here's a few more exploratory pieces I did for DOW2. This work is a bit dated as all of the work I've done in the last 3 years is not yet approved for release.


Some Dawn of War 2

Some older Dawn of War 2 preproduction work/promotional art ect...

This is only a small portion of the environment exploration that happened

copyright THQ/Relic Entertainment


Life-Study "Emilie +1"

An evening painting of my beautiful wife with baby on the way


Company of Heroes: Animatics

Here's a few of the 2D BGs that I did for the Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts animatics/cinematics. Many don't represent the final look of the shot as there are multiple missing depth of field/atmospherics/fx layers ect, so some of them seem pretty flat.

copyright THQ/Relic Entertainment

Old Spectrum work

Here's a piece that I managed to get into spectrum 12 back in the day. It was pencil/watercolor scanned in and digitally tuned


The Art Blog is Up!

Up and running...art to come soon!