Gameplay footage

Here's a look at the current alpha footage of Hardware and a painting I did of the Baserunner interior for the video.  Love imagining close quarter spaces and what makes them interesting... the devil is in the details.  If I had more than a day then I would add a lot more to bring out the lived in quality of those little personalized elements.


Hardware Teaser #3 The Legendary Baserunner

Check out our newest teaser trailer for the Baserunner:
More to come soon...


Prospector's Guide Teaser

Here's the newest teaser...was fun to wrap my head around the UI design as well.  You can get away with quite a bit just maintaining value relationships that direct the eye and keying in full saturation only where it belongs (that being highlighting what the user is actively engaging).  A good process check while working up the early comps was switching to grayscale to confirm what was really reading.
check it out:


Hardware Teaser

Check out our Teaser trailer for Hardware!  Hats off to the ever talented Aaron Kambeitz, Noah Stacey and Paul Ruskay on audio for bringing this to life in very little time...


Oil Study

Finally finished setting up the studio space and busted out the oils...it's been almost 3 years since they have seen the light of canvas which is something I plan to remedy.   An hour study started as a landscape and quickly turned into an invented portrait.