Made a resolution to rekindle my posting…

 After a serious time of study I am excited for more work out for you to see…I am working on a solo show but want to give it the proper rough approach forward development that “never finished” can afford for the time being.


Roughing In..

Starting the day with broad exercises, disposable marks...  Drawing ideas quite literally post-it notable.


Little gesture.

Sometimes it is nice to rough a wild gesture before Starting something new.



Sketch of the Day

todays sketch...


Spanish Banks digital plein air

On Spanish Banks in beautiful Vancouver B.C. will post more of my digital studies soon...


Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak early conceptart

  Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is out and moving strong... So grateful to have had the opportunity to work in such a rich sandbox as Homeworld and am proud of what BBI has accomplished through the many twists and turns along the way.
Here is a few early initial comps I did of the expedition embarking out of dry dock and our hero unit on its journey...mostly trying to capture the spirit of adventure before anything too specific...

and here is a GoogleEarth overpaint of the units for a scale reference :)


Life Drawing sketches

 There are few things as fluid and wonderfully responsive as a loaded brush and a sharp pen for me right now...I am gravitating to ink gestures for a variety of subjects... they really make you commit to that little line and train those finger muscles to learn from practice.  Here are a few ink sketches from life...click to see the full pages


Sketchbook Bookstore Studies

Started looking through some of my old sketchbooks and thought to start scanning a few....mostly from coffee shops and bookstores...

 One of my early studies back in college was of a poet by the name of Jack Veeger.  After showing him this sketch and chatting a bit, it resulted in my first book illustration commission for his latest book of poetry.  Always thankful Jack


Homeworld Remastered Collection

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to update the cutscenes for the Homeworld Remastered Collection.
Along side such inspirational artists as Aaron Kambeitz (HW Lead Artist and original animatic creator), Rob Cunningham, Brennan Massicotte & Noah Stacy.  It was truly a treat to revisit/reimagine/and rerender such a wonderfully efficiently told story on such epically massive and classic sci-fi scale.  All the while... working on the upcoming prequel to Homeworld, it really was a perfect exercise in feeling at home with the style.   Very proud of Gearbox for beautifully updating this classic while maintaining its true spirit.



Happy Holidays

Here's some early thumbnails before finishing up this year's christmas card.  I'll save you from all of the doodles/thumbnails that would require a bit of hand-waving and imagine-iffs.  Thumbnails are a great way to imagine the stage and characters in your head and move the camera/lighting around before committing to that "final" composition.
My first ruling instinct was to cross the obvious:  Santa delivering a SR71 Blackbird as a gift and checking off BBI/Gearbox with good measure.  I found, that to be immediately readable and generally pleasant to different people from around the world it needed less ambiguous imagery.  Pull back from St. Nick/his list/and flying/loading the plane and more about the instantly readable Blackbird silhouette with the giftgiving theme of the bow on the top.

I still feel there is a wonderful energy lost in the rendering of a final image that doesn't express the emotional conviction of a few descriptive strokes....I think that is a great part of why I usually like my first thumbnails better than the final result...
Happy Holidays 


International Self Portrait Day

Apparently November 1 is international self portrait day...
A little late is better than never I suppose